Click the logos to see the clients Robot Bubble has worked and currently work with to build their brand and online presence!


We have worked with Reality Check, a non-profit dedicated to providing addiction recovery and prevention services in NH, for over 2 years. We've helped to manage events, further develop the brand, manage social media, and continue to restructure the nonprofit organization's digital presence.


We have worked with diversity & inclusion consulting company Jennifer Brown Consulting to increase the influence of their online presence through social media including complete LinkedIn management.

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We helped launched Hummingbird Humanity in early 2020 by developing their website, logo, helping establish their social media presence and developing their brand from the ground up. We continue to help them achieve their goals of creating a better world.


We were brought on by Better Man Movement to help run the backend of their first virtual version of the Better Man Conference and currently work with BMM to better their online presence through LinkedIn management, social media consulting, and more.


Live in Their World is a revolutionary organization providing D&I consulting services through virtual reality. We've had the opportunity to manage and develop their website as well as help with the backend development of the program response content.


Robot Bubble's CEO & Founder Taylor Beaven worked as Marketing Manager for Publish Your Purpose Press for over 3 years. During this time he's worked to develope websites, manage social media, create graphics, copy, and more.


We have worked with technological experts at Diver Collective to collect emails from potential leads and manage their CRM services to translate potential clients into consistent customers. Diver Collective is known for developing The People's Mic.

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Elevate the Day Podcast is a podcast hosted by Jennifer Covello that aims to help others find their answers through Christianity. We've edited the audio of each episode for clarity, developed branding, and helped distribute to every platform.


Mindset Change Coaching is a coaching and consulting company run by the Executive Coaching Strategist Audra Christie. We've helped design her brand and currently work to manage her online presence and provide marketing consulting.


Jeff Drums is a personal brand of leadership coach Jeff Saari. Through our consulting services we've helped guide Jeff Drums in the right direction to creating a unique brand that combines drumming and life coaching.


We've been working with Remarkable Leadership Lessons CEO & Founder Denise Cooper to manage and develop her multiple websites as well as provide consulting services centered around online presence and digital content tied to SEO.

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Soul Brother Rangers is an online gaming community that we've developed the branding for including the logo, website, and social media presence. We continue to work with SBR to establish their online presence and develop business plans.


The Haddow Group is a leadership consulting company specializing in diversity & inclusion. We've helped build their brand from the ground up starting with their website and logo to set their organization apart from other D&I Leaders.


Jenn T. Grace is the self-proclaimed Professional Lesbian that specializes in personal brand development, LGBTQ+ business strategy. Our CEO & Founder Taylor Beaven has worked to help with managing Jenn's online presence.


We had the pleasure to work with the New Hampshire local company, Self Storage of Jaffrey & Peterborough. Over a 3 month period we redevelop their brand starting with a new logo and building a website that is better optimized for search engines, provides better customer experiences, and loads even faster.


Apollo Steel, LLC is another New Hampshire local organization that we've had the opportunity to work with. We redeveloped their website to be faster, more organized, and increase their online engagement by over 400% in one month.

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In 2019 we helped Fern Pessin with the launch of her book I'll Be Right There: A Guidebook for Adults Caring for Their Aging Parents. Afterwards we managed and made changes to Fern's social media and consulting websites to increase her website traffic.


Kamp for Kids

We redeveloped the brand for the nonprofit Kamp for Kids in 2019 to help with their online presence. Having a new website and a redesigned logo has helped them reach more people and gain a larger following for their events.


In early 2018 Mark David Gibson launched his book Served In Silence. We had the privilege of working with Mark and his team to launch his book via social media, causing more sales than originally anticipated and launching Mark into his speaking career.


Learning Fusion is a boutique IT consulting firm focused on human-centered innovation. We helped redesign their logo and develop their website so they can better reach their potential clients online.

Michele Wierzgac

We worked with author and speaker Michele Wierzgac to further define how she interacts with her audience through new mediums and managed CRM software to help her better engage with potential clients.


College Bound Movers is a local organization based in New Hampshire that works to help people move their home or office. We worked with CBM to build their social media presence and manage public relations via consulting.


MI-BOX New England is a branch of MI-BOX that provides mobile storage solutions delivered right to your door. We developed and designed their social media presence and provided consulting for other related branches of MI-BOX.

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We worked with Trish E. King, the first transgender woman in the US infantry. We built her brand from the ground up creating a logo, website, book cover, speaker reel, and more so she can set herself apart from other D&I consulting organizations.