HR Rep

Good Boy

Fitzgerald Beaven


      Fitzgerald Beaven is a passionate pupper with a dream to destroy literally every dog toy he can. At roughly nine years old he is only one year away from officially receiving the title of 'doggo'. He loves American Cheese and barking at invisible people that don't walk by the house.

      Fitzgerald Larry Beaven was named after the NFL Arizona Cardinal Wide Receiver Larry Fitzgerald and lives up to the legend's name by being able to catch anything you throw at him. While he isn't very good at fetch, he is phenomenal at taking a mouthful of food from his bowl in the kitchen and placing it on the living room carpet to eat it there. 

      Fitzy joined Robot Bubble shortly after the company's creation in order to reduce stress and protect the office from mailmen. He has received 'Employee of the Month' status every single month and even received two plaques in February in lieu of a pay raise. Currently, the pupper is working on scheduling a company retreat to the dog park in order to boost morale.