Taylor Beaven


Marketing Consultant

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      Taylor Beaven works with local and national businesses and individuals as a Marketing Consultant to build and grow their online brand. He started Robot Bubble LLC when he was 19 to provide clients more consistent services including online marketing campaigns, social media content distribution, website development, graphic design, and much more. Through Robot Bubble, Taylor and his team are able to provide people with a unique presence on the internet and social media in order to turn their following into recurring customers.

      When he's not working on building brands, Taylor works with philosophers and political scholars both of the past and present to develop political and philosophical theory regarding artificial intelligence and the origin of rights. He is graduating early in December of 2019 with a bachelor's degree in Political Science from Keene State College and has been asked to present his project at KSC events.


      Taylor is also the board member for Reality Check in Jaffrey, NH, a non-profit company dedicated to providing addiction services and building up the addiction workforce in New Hampshire. With the company, Taylor has had the opportunity to further the important message of addiction recovery and grow the outreach of Reality Check so more people in the community can receive the services offered by Reality Check.

      In his free time he plays video games with a gaming community called SBRGaming. Taylor plays guitar and spends time watching movies and playing Magic: The Gathering with his fiancé, Caroline. Other times you can find him playing Dungeons & Dragons or writing short stories.