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Ted Chartrand

Graphic Designer

Company Partner

Ted is the sole-proprietor of partner company Logo Further LLC, which he founded to provide what he calls “down-to-earth design”. Specializing in logo and brand design, Ted makes it his mission to deliver intentional, versatile graphics that can be applied to business cards, billboards, and everything in between. Extensive management experience in customer service has led Ted to incorporate exceptional communication and turnaround times into his work methodology, upholding a duty to help clients understand what they are getting, as well as when and why.


When it comes to pastimes Ted is an avid fantasy/sci-fi fan. Tabletop-gaming or reading while spinning up a record are just some things Ted would consider a perfect Saturday afternoon at his home in Charlestown, NH. Ted also enjoys developing worlds of his own through writing and illustration, admitting that creativity never really stops.

Ted Chartrand created Logo Further LLC to bring approachability and accessibility to collaborating with a graphic designer. Ted's philosophy is that no one should ever be left out of the loop on the status of their project or what design decisions are being made. Logo Further LLC takes on design from a practicality standpoint, researching the client's field to create logos and graphics that stand out amidst the competition. For the client's interest, scalability and versatility are made a top priority in the design process so they are never barred from any use or application of their logo: large or small, print or digital. Logo Further LLC works with companies, teams, event organizers, and others to create custom brand images they then own.